Jay’s thoughts on Brazilian women

Jay during the Red Bull BC One World Finals which were held in Brazil.

MC GO: What does come to your mind when you think of Brazil, Jay?

Jay: Except bboy & copoeira..uhmmmm..girls…beautiful girls..

MC GO: NO..Jay…You’re fans will be disappointed..

Jay: Where are the man who don’t like beautiful girls..honestly..

MC Kim: Yes..Jay is honest.

cr: @maybeejay

posted 1 year ago
Infinite's thoughts of TraitorGyu.
MC: Infinite is Infinite only with seven members!
Sungjong: With seven members, Infinite shines the brightest!
MC: Comments on Sunggyu's solo?
Sungyeol: Pitiful.
Hoya: Dreadful.
Myungsoo: Has no humiliation.
Sungjong: I'm disappointed.
Dongwoo: You got really old.
Woohyun: This is really an international disgrace.
posted 1 year ago